New RPG Maker MZ Update is Out: v1.2.0

The new 1.2.0 update of RPG Maker MZ is released, with bug fixes for the editor, the game player, and some blurry graphical assets. You can read the full change log and instructions on how to update your project in the official announcement.

They have also updated the versions of NW.js and Effekseer that MZ uses to version 0.51.0 and 1.53b, respectively.

The Effekseer update is said to bring better performance.

The results appear to be confirmed by at least one forum member.

Unfortunately for users of RPG Maker MV, the developers appear uninterested in fixing bugs found in that previous version of the program, even if they’re the same bugs that they’re fixing in the newest version.

Dungeonmind, a member of the official RPG Maker forums, says:

Uhhh so what about MV? MV needs this exact same fix for Mac OS. Been waiting for months and months for a solution/bugfix, so I’m sorry this is really frustrating because I still can’t support Mac like mv is advertised to do and I been waiting months with support telling me there on a fix. They had me waiting on a fix for MV and now they emailed me and said that my game should be fixed now but there is no bug fix/update for MV? Just wow. (For the record I pre-ordered MZ, I just can’t pack up my MV project and switch you know.)

The last update of RPG Maker MV was announced on July 21, 2018.

It looks like the developers have totally abandoned MV.

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